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Click here to see what the IT Skeptic says about ITIL® Foundation certification

Click here to see what the IT Skeptic says about ITIL® Intermediate (Lifecycle & Capability) and Expert certification

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"I have successfully cleared the MALC exam today. Thanks to you and Team Mountainview ITSM for the support you have provided throughout the course. Best Regards."

Aniruddha, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

RE: ISO 20000 Consultant Manager- WEB TRAINING

"I received my ISO20K consultant certificate and would like to thank you for facilitating my studies through your material. Thanks & all the best.  Regards"

Mohamed, Qatar


"Dear Jerry, a quick note to let you know that i've passed the SO exam, was tough and challenging, but always felt confident thanks to the valuable and focused training provided by your online class. Thank you! Next step: ST   Will enroll soon.  Have a nice day."

Alex L., Italy


"Thanks you for your support. I would like to thank mountainview team for designing outstanding and economical ITIL® online certification modules which helped with step by step guidance to achieve this certification. I am providing my profile for opportunity database. Due to nature of my current job I will not be able to deliver trainings. Thanks & Regards"

Pradeep, ITIL® Expert, PMP, MCSE, CCA, MCSE, CNE - USA


"Just passed the ITIL® Foundation exam. The Mountainview's online course content was exactly what I was looking for. No lengthy lectures and simulations to take up one's time. Just focused details with well organized information for quick and efficient self-study. Given the very competitive price; training plus exam at just the price of one exam, I highly recommend this to any one wishing to do this course."

M. Ahmed, Saudi Arabia


"I choose Mountainview for my ITIL® EXPERT program, the program cost is very competitive and I can study it online which is really good for me as in Thailand, there is no accredit training provider here and I don't need to waste the time to travel to study anywhere, just open my laptop and connect to the internet to study. The course material and the trainer is excellent and help me to pass the ITIL® Expert path. Thanks a million to Mountainview for such a good low cost ITIL® courses"

Ora - ITIL® Expert, Singapore


"I chose Mountainview's accredited web training in combination with the official manual in order to prepare for the Service Operation certification exam. I am extremely satisfied and would gladly recommend them to anyone. One of my major problems with other training providers is the cost, because I'm financing myself and i can't afford to pay ~1500 USD for classroom training. Until finding their website on a discussion forum I gave up on my target of achieving V3 Expert status."

George Chiorescu


"I used Mountainview's ITSM web training portal and am extremely satisfied.  The material was perfectly organised and detailed enabling me to study at my own pace and more importantly convenience. The customer service rendered was impeccable answering every query that I had very promptly and were more than willing to detail. I am certainly a student for life where Mountainview is concerned."

Thank You,

Leroy D'Souza

"If you are already working in IT services or IT consulting, the ITIL® v3 foundation e-learning and web-based exam session is your best ROI and very effective. I went through the course material twice in about 15 hours and was fully ready for my certification exam which I easily passed. So, before registering to a classroom course at a much higher price tag, you should absolutely consider this online course!"
H.R., Consulting Firm

"I took OSA from an ITSM trainer provider that had a video of someone reading the slides - I don't need someone reading slides to me. Their email support and web forum explanations were so poor that it took forever to answer my questions. I decided to try Mountainview's RCV Mentored eLearning and I received ALL the trainer's material on my PC (no internet) and a dedicated Expert trainer that worked with me to answer questions and techniques to pass the exam...I highly recommend this mentored elearning method"

B.G., Federal Government Department, USA

My name is David Mondragón Tapia, I'm from Mexico City and I've been playing the role as an IT consultant since 2005 to now, but mainly in the ITSM area. ITIL-ITSM practices, nowadays have become a necessary knowledge for all IT players, and due that affording ourselves a good option to be trained on all these topics is a must (cost-effective). It's my will to strongly recommend Mountainview services, to any person that could be interested on studying, learning and getting certificate on any of the ITIL® course levels. If you are looking for a program where you could study on your own freetime, with no pressure of deadlines, with the guide of a good mentor, with good exercises and with the option to pass the certification exam, based on a high passing rate, well, Mentored E-Learning program is your best option. Ask me any question...
MII David Mondragón Tapia, IT Consultant"

"These are great mind maps and I have I have recommended them to my team."
T.R., Consulting Firm, Australia

"I have recently had the opportunity to participate in the ITIL® Expert e-learning program through Mountainview. I am currently half way through the program having received my Foundations certificate as well as two other intermediate certifications. Prior to this experience I held no certifications in ITIL. In five months I have achieved a level of certification that has both earned me recognition, and improved my ability to perform my job duties as an IT process manager. 
I found Mountainview materials to be thorough and well focused, and the instructors were very knowledgeable of the material. The Mountainview mentors were consistently available to answer questions and assist me to absorb the concepts. I would recommend this program to anyone who is working in a management or practitioner role in an IT organization that has adopted ITIL® as an ITSM framework."
L.A., Major Financial Corporation, USA

"Hello, just a note to let you know how the last couple of classes have gone. We have had 100% pass rate for the last 3 classes. Last week we had 4 people get 100% and this week we had 2 people get 100%. We have really enjoyed making these classes better using your content and other information we have pulled together. Hopefully this will reflect well on you.
Thank you for all your support and help the last couple months to help us get this program running at Intermountain Healthcare."
J.B., Major Healthcare Corporation, USA

"Thank you so much for helping us get trained on the ITIL® fundamentals. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and more importantly the interactions are what I will take away for a long time to come. Ken, your one liners are hard to forget and I seriously suggest making them part of slides cos I recalled them when I was doing the test J I have taken several training classes and hands down this is one of the best training duo I have seen! The effort that you have put in to make this dense material more digestible and easy for assimilation is deeply appreciated. The Jeopardy helped break the monotony and loosen up. Thank you both once again! You guys rock! Thanks"
N.M., Healthcare Company, USA

"... Finally, Mountainview employs videoconferencing technology, giving the student the best of both worlds: live interaction with an instructor and other class attendees, as well as freedom from travel hassles." -

"... I'm writing to thank you for your support through these last six months. Your course (ITIL® V3 Expert Mentored eLearning Program) material is outstanding and I would be delighted to recommend your company to anyone I talk to. Your guidance was particularly valuable. You must be awesome in a classroom setting - even in the brief interactions I had with you, I could get an idea of the depth of your knowledge. Please thank Virginia as well for her help..."
M.G. Washington, DC, USA

"I passed the exam. Got 85% (34/40). Not sure which ones I goofed up but overall the exam was not as tough as some had mentioned on the forums. Thank you for all the mentoring! Please send me the material for next exam when you have a chance. Thank you!"
S.P. New York, USA

"I want to express my satisfaction with the achievement of my ITIL® expert certification. All the help given was superb despite the difficulties with the language, I can tell the experience of the mentor with the examples he gave to explain the processes. Best regards from Mexico."
R.L. Mexico

"I would like to say that what a difference Mountainview and its Mentors do. I have worked with other ITIL® Intermediate Vendor before switching to Mountainview, and I am glad that I did. Right now, I feel that mentors at Mountainview cares what I do, what I learn, and where I am in terms of study, and guide me extremely well to reach my goal of completing study in order to get best result on exam. Great study material, full of knowledge, and superb mentors. Thank you"
E.D., USA, Massachusetts

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