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Read each question very carefully then select the one that you would do or do first. Don't spend too much time thinking about any one choice.

1 How do you study for a test?
      read notes, read headings in a book, and look at diagrams and illustrations
      have someone ask you questions, or repeat facts silently to yourself
      write things out on index cards and make models or diagrams
2 What do you do when you listen to music?
      daydream (see things that go with the music)
      hum along
      move with the music, tap your foot, etc.
3 How do you solve a problem?
      make a list of possible issues, organize the list, and check them the items off as they are done
      make a few phone calls and talk to friends or experts
      draw a picture, make a model of the problem or walk through all the steps in your mind
4 What do you prefer to read for FUN?
      a book with a lot of pictures in it (travel magazine)
      a book with a lot of conversation in it (mystery novel)
      a book where you answer questions and solve problems
5 What would you do to figure out how a product works?
      watch a Youtube movie about it
      listen to someone explain it
      take it apart and try to figure it out for yourself
6 What would you do when you go to a museum for the first time?
      find a map or directory showing the locations of the exhibits
      talk to a guide and ask about the exhibits
      go to the first exhibit that looks interesting
7 What annoys you the most about a restaurant?
      lights too bright or people to close
      music too loud or too noisy
      uncomfortable chairs
8 What type class would you prefer?
      an art class
      a music class
      an exercise class
9 What would you remember the next day after a party?
      the faces of the people
      the names of the people
      the things that people said
10 What are you most likely to do when you are happy?
      smile with joy
      shout with joy
      jump for joy
11 What do you do first when you see the word "d - o - g"?
      make of a picture of a dog
      say the word "dog" to yourself silently
      think about a good or bad experience 
12 How would you prefer to tell a story?
      write it
      tell it out loud
      act it out
13 What distracts you the most when you are trying to concentrate?
      visual distractions (television playing in the background)
      noises (water dripping from a tap)
      a sensation like, hunger, worrying or tight shoes
14 What are you most likely to do when you are angry?
      scowl, turn red or hide
      yell, shout or "blow up"
      stomp off and slam doors
15 What would you do if you weren't sure how to spell a word?
      write it down to see if it looks right
      sound it out
      write it down to see if it feels right
16 What would you do while standing in a long line-up at a movie theatre?
      look at posters and advertisements for other movies
      talk or call your friend
      get fidgety, tap your foot or move around in some other way


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