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Training Terms and Conditions

Mountainview is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) that is bound by the regulatory requirements of the Accreditor and Exam Institute and we will makes changes to comply accordingly and may occur at anytime.


By purchasing a Training Program you agree with the following terms and conditions:

  1. eLearning On-line Courses (Web Training, CBT, Mentored)

    1. Student will receive credentials and instructions via email for starting the course approximately 1-2 business days after confirmation of payment and prerequisites (if required)

    2. Student must contact us if the email is not received more than 2 business day after purchase (check your junk mail and spam filters)

    3. Student must be enrolled in the course to order the exam due to Accreditation Requirements

    4. Course extensions, exam re-takes, course restarts, e-Tutoring, publications, etc. must be purchased through the course


      • You must use ONLY 1 (ONE) email address to verify the student's identity - there are NO EXCEPTIONS due to ACCREDITATION RULES and exam fraud

      • We assume that your REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS is the one that was used to purchase the course

      • If you wish to use another email for any reason then you must notify us of this change BEFORE YOU START YOUR COURSE and we will send you instructions - the purchasing email may no longer be used for the course after this change

      • If you want to change your STUDENT IDENTITY (REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS) after you start the course then there is an admin fee

  2. Accredited Trainers and Training Confirmation

    1. Trainer's will respond to queries submitted via email within 1 business day

    2. e-Tutoring for Web Training is optional if a student wants to work directly with an assigned trainer

    3. Trainers provide training confirmation to the Exam Institute directly

    4. Trainers are responsible for ensuring that all Exam Requirements are met and may deny a student from writing the exam if the prerequisites are not met

  3. Prerequisites

    1. Student must have all prerequisites specified in the Course Syllabus

    2. Student must complete all mandatory assignments and approved by a trainer before an exam is requested

    3. Student understands that eLearning (Web, CBT, DVD) is self-study and designed for experienced students and has reviewed the details of this eLearning venue (click for details)

    4. The Accreditation Quality Management System prohibits concurrent advanced courses unless approved by an Accredited Trainer - how exceptions may apply based on experience

  4. Cancellation

    1. Web Training is an intangible service which means all of the training material and the final exam from the exam institute are handled electronically.  The certificate is in digital PDF format.  By purchasing Web Training you accept that you have received a tangible service even though a tangible product like a hardcopy manual, paper exam, paper certificate is not shipped to you.

    2. If the course purchased less than a year ago: A 100% refund on the exam portion less an administration fee; Any on-line or digital service that has be delivered will not be refunded

    3. Once a course is started the student gains full access to all the materials and can download all the materials so we consequently cannot refund part or all of the course - obviously when a course has not started then a refund will be provided - this is a precaution to prevent free access to our course material

    4. Booked e-Tutoring must be cancelled at least 2 business days before the start time otherwise the session is forfeited

  5. Exams and Courses

    1. Exams and prices are controlled by the Accreditor and the Exam Institutes and are subject to change at any time

    2. Effective on January 1, 2014 the Official ITIL® Accreditor increased exam prices and the student must pay a surcharge if the exam is purchased before Jan 1, 2014 and taken after Dec 31, 2013.

    3. Effective on January 1, 2016 the Official ITIL® Accreditor increased exam prices and the student must pay a surcharge if the exam is purchased before Jan 1, 2016 and taken after Dec 31, 2015.

    4. Once the Accreditor expires an exam the purchased course expires and cannot be refunded.  It is the student's responsibility to complete their course and exam prior to the expiry of any exam.

    5. Courses purchased more than 1 year ago are not refundable or transferrable

    6. An administration fee will be charged if the student requests a change after the exam has been scheduled

    7. An administration fee will be charged if an exam with another testing center, exam provider or exam institute is requested

  6. Minimum system requirements for Web Training and Virtual Training

    1. Student must test the demo (click here) to verify operation on their system

    2. Web browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari) with Flash and Java

    3. Adobe Reader

    4. Physical Memory: 512MB

    5. Speakers

    6. Keyboard and Mouse

    7. Internet broadband connection

    8. 800x600 screen resolution

    9. Microphone if you want to speak to a trainer

  7. Code of conduct, probation and expulsion

    1. If a student Violates Accreditation Guidelines, Code of Decent Human Conduct, Policies or Procedures then it is grounds for Probation and and if this behaviour continues then they may be Expelled from a program.

    2. This behaviour includes but is not limited to the following: • cheating on the exam •  forging a training confirmation • forging an exam supervisor NDA • forging prerequisites • insufficient course attendance • incomplete assignments • non-compliance to terms and conditions • disrupting a class • unprofessional conduct • lewd behaviour • racism • defamation • slander • insubordination • unauthorized sharing and distribution of training material in any format

    3. The Probation and Expulsion procedure is as follows:

      • Strike 1: A letter of notification will be sent outlining the details of the breach and consequences

      • Strike 2: If this conduct continues a second letter of notification will sent outlining the details of the breach and consequences

      • Strike 3: If this conduct still continues then a final letter of termination will sent and your money be refunded for the unused portion minus an admin fee

  8. Communication, notification and the REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS

    1. The student must use their REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS for all communication.  This establishes their identity with Mountainview and the Exam Institute.  Multiple email addresses are not permitted and may results in fee

    2. All purchases must be associated with your REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS.  You can use other email accounts but the student must forward the receipt from their REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS to Mountainview.

    3. Students agree to opt-in for email notifications to their REGISTERED EMAIL ADDRESS for new versions of exams, syllabi, pricing, references and any new material related to their certification program during and after their course and exam.

  9. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

    1. All GDPR compliance is managed by our GDPR lead.  By enrolling in our courses you are going your consent to use your information and data for Examination, Marketing and Communication purposes.  It is responsibility of each student to notify Mountainview if you are not giving your consent for GDPR compliance.

    2. If the student is under the age of 16 then you must notify us immediately.

    3. You will be asked for your country of residence and we will collect IP address information to validate your location.  This will be used for GDPR and Exam purposes

    4. The information we may collect include but not limited to: Name, email address, telephone number, and home, business, billing addressees, government issued Identification required for identity verification, such as passport, driver’s license, tax identification number, payment information such as payment card number, expiration date, and billing address, birth date and gender, device and telephone connectivity information such as your carrier, network type, network operator, subscriber identity module ("SIM") operator, and SIM country, operating system and version, device model, performance and data usage, usage data, such as dates and times.  This includes:

      - Communications and Marketing

      - Other Business Purposes and Compliance - such as surveys, research

    5. Record Retention:  We will retain your personal information in accordance with all applicable laws, for as long as it may be relevant to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Privacy Statement, unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law. We will deidentify, aggregate, or otherwise anonymize your personal information if we intend to use it for analytical purposes or trend analysis over longer periods of time.
    6. You can exercise your data protection rights in various ways. For example, you can opt out of marketing by clicking the “unsubscribe” link in the emails, in your account as applicable, or contacting our customer service.
    7. Updates to Privacy Statement:  We may update this Privacy Statement in response to changing laws or technical or business developments.


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